Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Why I don't donate to The Red Cross

I'm sure The Red Cross do good work both here and around the world but I do so wish that they wouldn't keep sending out these bits that the postman delivers several times a year.
Last week there was a pen, a card and envelope, 2 coasters and a bookmark. Plus of course the begging letter and prepaid envelope to send back your donation. And if you donate £5 or more they will send you a cotton shopping bag or  a notebook. I'm sure bulk buying means these gifts don't cost much to produce but it must be between 50p and a £1. I've heard all the discussion about why they do this and it must be worthwhile for them but it would be good if they saved the 50p+ to get these to me and used it towards something useful.

Thank you to everyone for comments about the editorial in the newspaper. I reluctantly added a link so you can read the article (I hope you avoided looking at me in the baggy shorts in close up! Not a pretty sight)

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