Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Bird Watching and Other Critters

We spend a lot of time bird-watching, usually when washing and wiping up. It's a good thing we don't have a dishwasher.

A few weeks ago I was at the sink, looked up and saw a bird on the path. It looked a bit stunned like they do sometimes when it's windy and they've crash landed. First glance and I thought it was a small pigeon, second glance I realised it wasn't but what on earth was it? I knew if I moved to get the camera or bird book it would be off, so I just stood still and looked hard. It's back was grey but the wings were lighter and all had dark edges to the feathers. After a minute a car pulled up and the bird was off. I went and got the bird book but couldn't see anything that fitted the description. When I told Col he suggested a  Cuckoo which was something I hadn't considered as I've never seen one before. So the bird book came out again and yes, that's probably what it was. Wow! It must have been on it's way out of the country. Wish I could have got the camera.
If we get the cold winter that several newspapers are forecasting the Blackbirds and Fieldfare will soon appear to find the windfall apples. I'm glad there are so many apples on the trees this year that we don't need to pick up many windfalls to use. Our Pyracantha is something else they they will feed on when the going gets tough.

This dead dragonfly  was on the floor in the craft-room a few days ago. How did it get in? No windows open in there.. Would a cat have brought it in through the cat-flap? There's always windows open upstairs and in the kitchen but they are not very close to the  craft-room. It was sad to see it but good to be able to get a really close look at the colours.

There were not many butterflies around here this year but Red Admirals love to feed off the fallen plums and to sunbathe. I managed to sneak up on this one on the Bramley apple tree.

This was a sad but interesting surprise. I found it laying on the path early one morning. We have 16 different types of bat in this country and I'm not really sure which one this is but it has big ears!

Then of course there is this bushy-tailed creature who I spot almost every time I look out of the window, usually carrying a walnut!

 So cute......BUT he's nicked all the good walnuts straight off the tree.

I'm so pleased that I can take close up photos like this with the camera everyone got me for my 60th last April.

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