Tuesday, 15 September 2015

In a sentence

The Honey Mustard that I spoke about making was horrible, so vinegary. I shall not bother to share the recipe.

Looking at a blog I don't usually read I saw someone being very pleased for finding reduced naan bread at 2 for 49p. I thought " make your own, they cost less than half that!"

Why do some people push their shopping trolleys with their elbows so that their bums stick out a mile behind.

The Elly Griffiths short story -- Ruth's First Christmas Tree -- is available free on amazon Kindle at the moment. You can download Kindle for free onto a laptop.

According to the stats, the most viewed post on my blog is from 30th November 2013. I have no idea why as it is not at all interesting.

Col has spent all day sorting out the parcels, labels etc for the things he has sold on Ebay. He vows - Never Again!

Back Soon


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