Monday, 14 September 2015

3 books read recently

 Stella Gibbons - Cold Comfort Farm, Donna Fletcher Crow - An Unholy Communion, Clare Morrall - After the Bombing.

 Why had I not read Cold Comfort Farm before I reached the age of 60?
Probably because it is whats known as a modern classic, that title would have put me off.
This copy had a forward by Lynne Truss which was a great help in understanding what I was about to read. It  is a comedy story, written in 1932 and we would probably call it a spoof of all the more serious country books with their flowery way of writing that were prevalent at the time. Orphaned at the age of 20  after an expensive education, sensible and sophisticated Flora decides to go and stay with her cousin at Cold Comfort Farm and undaunted by everything she finds there she sets about sorting out all of her very weird family.

An Unholy Communion by Donna Fletcher Crow is the 3rd in a series of light modern crime, that I discovered recently. Donna is from the States but the books are set in this country and although the story-line is very unlikely they seem to be well researched so that you only realise the author isn't English when she says Fall instead of Autumn! The main characters are Felicity an American student at the " College of Transfiguration" and one of her tutors Father Anthony. This story follows them leading a group of young people on a pilgrimage across South Wales to St Davids, many strange things happen on the way- all explained at the end. If you are interested it's best to start with the first in the series - Look them up on Fantastic Fiction Website.

After The Bombing by Clare Morrall is a book I picked up off the library van shelves simply because of it's title. The story switches between 1942 and 1963 and is the story of Alma, a 15 year old at a boarding school in Exeter in the early years of WWII. In 1963 she is a teacher at the same school trapped by the things that happened to her during the war. There are 2 other main characters also deeply affected by their past.

These have been added to my seperate Books Read 2015 page 

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