Monday, 28 September 2015

Good sunny days

Welcome to rproyle , a new follower to reading.

The weather lady on the local forecast said we were to get 5 days of sunshine, and that would be the most sunny days in a row since April. Really? I'm not sure, but I do know that after most of September being grey it is lovely to see the sun and blue skies.

We had a whole day out on Friday because we had to pick up the youngest and her bloke from Stansted airport and as that meant being close to our friends home in Essex we called in there too. Whereas on Sunday when Col took them to the airport in the early hours of the morning he got home in an hour and a quarter, on Friday afternoon it took us nearly 3 hours to get back - the traffic was awful.

On Saturday we set out to the wilds of High Suffolk to go to a second hand book sale. Yes I know I'm going to be packing all my books into boxes sometime for moving but................
It's such a good sale
and the books are only 50p or £1 and even less for children's books.
This is what I came home with

I've completed my collection of Arthur Ransome's books and picked up a couple of old fiction. I borrowed an old Elizabeth Goudge trilogy in one volume from the library after reading Furrowed Middlebrow wartime list, but the print was too small for me to read. The Rosemary tree is not set during the war but I thought if I read it and enjoyed then I could track down The Eliots trilogy in a newer edition - with bigger print.
 A Moment in Time by H.E. Bates is set during the war. H.E. Bates was the author of  The Darling Buds of May which was made into the wonderful TV series about Pop and Ma Larkin.
 My renewed interest in old children's books made me pick up the little book on the right - Footprints in the Snow - I've decided to collect any children's picture books that are about Christmas. There are already several in a box in the loft, saved from the 1980s when our three were small.
No idea what' Because of You' is about but it's set on the Suffolk and Norfolk Coast so that had to come home with me. The book by Joan Lock is an autobiography. 'Country World' contains excerpts from books by Alison Uttley. 'Touch and Go' is one for Col as it's about life on an aircraft carrier during the war. 'Dora Bell's Village Cats' looked interesting.
When we got home I was very good and took a dozen books off my shelves and popped them in a bag ready for the charity shop next week.
 Good to have Strictly Come Dancing back on TV again from now to Christmas, I know not everyone likes it but I love watching how the celebs cope with the hard work and how they improve - or Not - as the weeks go by.

Sunday was another lovely sunny day, we headed out for a walk straight after breakfast. It's a while since we did that particular circular route so I  measured it on the gbmapometer website but it was only 2.81 miles. Only a few calories burned   :-(    I say Only 2.81 miles but that's better than we've done since Cols heart event and my dose of pneumonia.
Later we went out and picked couple of lb of blackberries on the hedges near us, they are very late this year. Then it was a lazy afternoon of watching rugby and reading.

Monday, and sunny again. Col had to go to the doctors and the strawberry bed's been weeded - it was absolutely full of chickweed.  Sticky Chicken wings and stir fry veg. with noodles for dinner later. I couldn't remember which was the best recipe among the cuttings in my recipe folder so what a good thing I'd added it to my recipe page.

Thanks for comments on the last 2 posts and to Jules who is back blogging at Hidden Jem.
 In reply:-
It is unsettling that thoughts of moving are in the background but  in reality I doubt things could happen as quickly as 3 months so we're assuming we will be here but I daren't ask the children what they are doing at Christmas - they will say it's much too early and I'm starting to sound like My Mother!
Margaret P - We do bring in lots of holly, bay and other evergreens and Please read this post
Mmmmmmm Trifle - I usually do one for Christmas tea.
Mmmmmmm Pavlova - sounds good
I'm a dedicated list writer but although I wrote this one on the blog I didn't actually write it anywhere else so it was only by luck that I found it!
Isn't it good to find someone in blogland  who likes to read the same things.In this case Pat and books by Ronald Blythe.
Pamela - What was the comment you deleted - I'm intrigued
Sue in North Wales - I Really need to know about your off the wall notes-to-self!
Mikemax - I'm glad I've reminded you to make a Christmas Hamper and yes I was going to do one for us but decided I would be buying all we need anyway so didn't need to get any extra things just to put in a separate box.

Back in a few days


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