Thursday, 10 September 2015

The week so far

Big Thank you to everyone for the comments and commiserations after my last post. I'm almost back to normal now -Whatever that is - Thank goodness. I have contacted the council to inform them of how late and loud the music was but with any luck we will have moved by this time next year - Surely it can't take another whole year to sell?

So what's been happening here on the Suffolk Smallholding? Although it hardly feels like a smallholding now - so much has gone or been tidied.

After the car boot sale on Sunday there were several crates and boxes to sort. I filled 5 carrier bags full of books and 1 bag full of odds and ends which we delivered to the charity shop.
Col laid all his useful bits of tools and tractor bits out on a workbench and took photos and then spent an age putting them on eBay. He gave away a few bits to a local builder and made a heap of things that can go to the rubbish tip. Goodness knows if the stuff on eBay will sell.

The weather early in the week was grey and chilly over Suffolk and we have been lighting the wood burner each evening and the Rayburn in the mornings for hot water. On Tuesday I decided to dry some tomatoes while the Rayburn was alight. I don't usually bother to freeze tomatoes as they always seem very watery when defrosted and we  mostly sell all we produce, but this year, probably because we've no eggs to sell anymore and very little other produce, the tomatoes are not flying off the stall. I followed some instructions for oven drying found on-line but made them a bit too salty, better luck next time.

The building society in Leiston were having a secondhand book sale for charity, I had to go in to have a look.....obviously! picked up this - just in case we get our hovel in the hills of Wales.

 The cartoons are hilarious but in a bad way! Much as I'd like to learn Welsh from the book or anywhere else it's very unlikely. I did 5 years of French and failed my O level, me and other languages just don't mix.
 I love this sentence from the book........
 In case of difficulty when trying out your Welsh say: Siaradwch yn arafach. Rydw i'n dysgu Cymreag.
Translated this means - Speak slower. I'm learning Welsh.
 I think if you can pronounce the sentence then you must be doing well enough anyway.
 I can do "bore da",  and "diolch" . ( Good morning and Thank you).  I also need to  get my tongue around  "os gwelwchyn dda"  for Please, then I'll be sorted.

Wednesday was warmer and sunnier. Several peppers were put in the freezer, I just slice and open freeze then tip them into a bag. We are still eating some from last year and I had a freezer sort out to see what we had. We need to get to Ipswich so I can go to Sainsburys for some of their cheap bacon and nice beef mince. I don't like the look of any meat in Tescos. Col took our elderly friend to Norwich hospital again, it's looking more and more unlikely that his wife will  get home, she's been in various hospitals for almost a year and so many things have gone wrong while shes been in - it's very sad.
 Someone had left a 2014 National Trust handbook in the campsite recreation room and I spent a pleasant hour looking through to see which historic houses  have second-hand bookshops.

Today is lovely and warm, loads of odd jobs have been tackled and this afternoon we are actually getting round to trying the awning on the caravan. I've not really been able to settle to anything all week, still feeling fidgety. Given half a chance I would be off on holiday tomorrow!

Back soon


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