Saturday, 26 September 2015

That List on the 7th January

 I came across this post when I was searching for something else.It was written on the 7th January

I usually make a few notes in the start of my new diary to remind me of what's what, this year I will share them with you.... you lucky people!
  • Look out for wrapping paper at car boot sales
  • No need to buy any Christmas cards  as I have got enough for next year
  • But I want to make some special cards for the family ( Need to search for ideas - cross stitch?)
  • 12 people fit round the dining table but a bit too many for the living room
  • Having everyone here on one day was good, but left no time to chat much
  • The chocolate meringue gateau is delicious but we've had it 2 years running so find something different for next year.
  • I don't need to make Christmas puddings next year - two in the cupboard
  • Might do hampers for sisters and Bros in L? Write down ideas
  • Maybe find another cheap Christmas tree at a car boot as we have so many tree decorations that never get used.
  • Remember to use Scout Post for Ipswich relatives, need to be in Ipswich during first 2 weeks of Dec.
  • Look for small gifts at car boot sales for "tree presents" and maybe cracker fillers
 So how are the plans going?

I found some wrapping paper at a car boot sale, avoided buying anymore cards in the Charity shops' January sales, made some 3D decoupage cards for the family, crossed stitched some cards for my 7 Penny Pincher Letter friends and decided on hampers for the 2 sisters. I've  found almost nothing for tree or cracker pressies, didn't see a cheap Christmas tree at any carboot sales (but wouldn't have bought one anyway because of moving). I've made a note in the diary about the Ipswich Scout Post. I will probably just make some small Christmas puddings for Cols' Dad and the hampers, have no thoughts of what other desert I will make and we have no idea who will be where over the Christmas break.

3 months to get sorted - I expect we'll still be here.

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