Friday, 18 September 2015

Walking to the village

This morning we walked down to the village for the Macmillan Coffee Morning which was held in the Chapel.

We saw the men painting the pylons
Rose hips ripening
Rose Gall
and Spindle berries
We had coffee and yummy sponge cake and then walked home again. We took brollies but the rain only began in the last 20 metres before we got home.

Anyone else watching  the new programme Hunted?  How difficult it is to avoid CCTV in this country nowadays and to just disappear. Col watched the first episode and spent the night dreaming about being chased! ( His heart tablets give him weird dreams every night) But I find it fascinating probably because for as long as I can remember and especially during my episodes of depression, thankfully now under control, my wish was always to run away and hide.
And who apart from me, Col and our son is excited by the Rugby World Cup on TV for the next few weeks AND I've just spotted Davis Cup Tennis on TV this afternoon and over the weekend. TV Heaven!

I'm now about to add the Mincemeat cake recipe to my separate page ( for readers from foreign parts - Mincemeat is still called mincemeat even though there is no meat in it unlike a couple of 100 years ago. Now its just a mix of dried fruit,apples,sugar, suet, sweet spices and brandy)
I'll have a look to see if my ( really it's Delia Smith's) Mincemeat recipe is already there and put that on too if it isn't.

Thanks to everyone for comments and special welcome to Faith, follower number 302 in the pictures on the right. Another Suffolk blogger - we are few and far between!

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