Sunday, 20 September 2015

Keeping the home fires burning and a walk on the beach

As it's looking unlikely that we will move before winter Col decided to ring the skip hire place on Friday and ask them for a load of scrap wood. One load or two they asked? We get it for free as they are glad to get rid of it.The first load which arrived just 15 minutes later wasn't very big
and we soon got it shifted into the shed. The second load was bigger and was delivered just minutes before we had 5 hours of heavy rain. So we left it out until late Saturday to dry off a bit before piling it up in the shed out of the weather.
Some of the wood is quite small and a bit rubbishy (old trellis) but one of the rules of  heating your home with free wood is Never say No!

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

Aldeburgh beach was almost empty when we went down for a walk  on Saturday morning, the first picture is the view North with the dome of Sizewell B Power Station, 4 miles up the coast, on the left. The grey buildings are Sizewell A which is no longer in use and is being decommissioned. The village is Thorpeness which is just a mile and a bit from Aldeburgh,  from here that you can see how far Thorpeness Point reaches out into the North Sea because Sizewell looks as if it is miles inland.

The Power Station is where the n of Leiston is on the map
 and then looking South to the Martello tower in the distance. This belongs to the Landmark Trust and you can rent it for a holiday home

Is this a giant rock with a hole through laying on the beach or a small hag stone right up against the camera lens...............
 My thumb in the corner gives the game away!

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

What does a good Dad do when he gets an urgent call from our youngest daughter to say their arrangements for getting to Stansted airport had fallen through and please could he pick them up at 2am to take them down to Essex catch their plane. Of course he said yes.
 So a bit of a disturbed night was had by both of us. I hope they have a good holiday!

Back when I've recovered  from lack of sleep


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