Monday, 7 September 2015


If I don't get enough sleep I get cross and GROUCHY and at the moment I'm VERY GROUCHY because on Friday night we were kept awake until 1.30 am and on Saturday night we were kept awake until 2.30am and last night, just after 10, when we thought everything was quiet and it was safe to go to bed, we had just got to sleep and then abruptly awoke by THUMP, THUMP, THUMP and the music was at full volume again for another hour.  Why? Because a B***** rich farmer 3 miles away decided in 2013 that he needed to earn more money by holding a Music Festival for 3 days each year.
 In year one it rained and there were not many there. In year 2 the wind was from the south west and we only heard it now and again but this year we might as well have been at the festival as the wind was North and the music was LOUD, and how are they allowed to go on so long?   It wouldn't matter if only I could catch up on sleep by staying in bed 'til mid morning but we had the trailer loaded for doing a car boot so we needed to be up at 6 on Sunday morning. So I'M SHORT OF 8 HOURS OF SLEEP.
So I'm GROUCHY and just to add insult to injury there were loads of boots and not  many buyers and we came home just £61 better off but with loads of junk still to be sorted. ( yes I know £61 is better than a kick up the you-know-where but I'm still GROUCHY!)

Phew, I do feel better for that, thank you for listening

PS. Sorry, forgot to welcome new followers and to reassure new readers that I'm not usually this GROUCHY!!


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