Thursday, 3 September 2015

Nothing much left to sell but still plenty to eat

After the big clear out consisting of  2 car boot sales(and another planned) 1 yard sale, 2 trips to the  scrap yard and delivering machinery and chicken sheds you would think we had found and sold everything we could.
Then Col was doing a bit more  sorting out his workshop and in a corner he discovered some lead which we think came from out of my dads sheds many, many years ago and is what's left from putting around the  chimney when it was rebuilt. There's not a huge amount, less than a carrier bag full, but obviously it weighs a lot so will add another few £ to the kitty when we deliver it to the scrap yard.
There's also not much left to sell from the garden, just tomatoes, beetroot and a few courgettes or marrows.
Thankfully we've still got plenty to eat from outside. Today we had  the first few Autumn raspberries, our lunchtime salad included  lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and beetroot and our veggie curry for dinner has cauliflower,courgette, pepper, onion and potato. Then the last of the plums in a plum fool for Col's desert.

There are some things in the garden that will be ready soon 
The early eating apples, they look nice and rosy but one bite will tell you to wait a while longer!

The leeks are still a bit small, they could be eaten if we needed to.
Kale will sit there all through autumn and winter weather. It's become fashionable in gunge (otherwise known as nutri drinks!) but personally it's the last thing in the world I would mush up to drink and it's quite a way down my list of favourite veg too.
Lurking under leaves are a few squash, only enough for us this year - none to sell.
.Yesterday morning when it was cloudy Col did an hours tidying in the poly tunnel clearing out the lower leaves from the tomato plants to let the light in. You can see a few cucumbers in the background, we are saving them all for us.

 It was really chilly last night and we lit the wood-burner. I would much rather have our wood-burner than a central heating system because  it only takes a couple of sheets of newspaper, a few bits of kindling wood and a couple of logs and the room is warm for the whole evening. There's no wondering if it's worth switching the heating on or worrying about the cost, just simple free warmth.
We brought in a the last bag of kindling  so today I went out to the shed to start my regular job of chopping kindling for fire lighting. We've got the boards from part of an old shed that we rescued from a friend ready to be cut sometime so plenty to last all winter.

There were black clouds all around us today but no rain so far. Col took our elderly friend up to Norwich hospital again yesterday and drove through showers all the way back but we had no rain at all here.

Library Book day tomorrow- Good

Back soon


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