Monday, 31 August 2015

Goodbye Summer - why did you leave so soon?

The last few days of the month have been very Autumnal and most evenings we've needed the light on by 7.30pm, there's been quite a lot of rain too and when it wasn't raining it was grey. I've even abandoned shorts for leggings on a couple of days and we've lit the Rayburn for hot water again.

Seems like almost everyone in Blogland has had a holiday, you lucky people. I - as usual- have been cleaning loos for the people on holiday on the campsite. By this time every season I'm quite looking forward to less visitors, especially if we've had some here with yappy dogs and shouty children.......  good grief what a miserable old fogey I am!

 We have the Lightweight Camping Club - no children! - coming in a few days time, some will stay for just a couple of nights and others may stay longer. Then just a few caravans on and off all month. If the weather improves we might be busier.

Two wet bank holiday mornings = No Car Boot sales. So we had a short trip out to a local antique centre on Sunday for a look round, we're (well just me really) are still looking for a replacement for our modern-bought-in-a-rush sideboard that I don't like but there was nothing at the centre that was any good.

We picked all the greengages - just 3lb - and they made yet more jam. That really is the end of jam making this year. I may still make some more chutney and I'm going to have a go at Honey Mustard for the hampers as soon as I get to The Grape Tree for mustard seed.

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