Monday, 10 August 2015

Last week and the weekend

It was only when  Angela pointed out that I had two books the same in my Library book photo that I noticed - not sure how that happened. I'll return one to Leiston library to get it back into circulation.

It seemed to be an extra busy week last week. Col was in and out almost everyday. Monday, baling straw. Tuesday, taking another load of scrap, much smaller this time and the price has dropped so only £77. Wednesday, he took our very elderly friend up to hospital in Norwich. On Thursday he was working for one of his customers in Leiston and delivering the straw. Saturday taking loads of bottles to the bottle bank (just in case you think we have been driven to drink by the stress of trying to sell the house they were from the campsite- not ours!)
 Meanwhile I did the August shop,  took two families round for two viewings during the week, made jam, bottled apricots, baked bread and cakes and did all the normal cleaning both indoors and on the campsite where  we have been busy all week and full at the weekend - we even had to turn people away.
 On Saturday  we knew we had our son, future daughter in law and her dad visiting us, but before they arrived we had what seemed like an endless stream of interruptions to our afternoon of sitting in the sun. 2 local people saw the  barn sale signs and thought they would just "pop in a week early to see what we were going to have for sale". I would have said Come Back Next Week, but Col is too nice and let them look round! Then our farmer friend arrived to collect the grass topper and someone else called in to pick up campsite info.
On Sunday we had friends round for the day which was good, although after they went I realised that everything I had dished up to eat was rather fattening and they are both on a healthy eating, keep fit thing - Oh well.
 I managed to zoom up the road to the car boot early before preparing food and picked up this preserving book for 50p, I really don't need another preserving book, but it just jumped into my hand!
( I have put 5 books into the car boot/barn sale boxes to make up for this!) I also found some craft paper and peel-off labels for card-making and a basket for one of the Christmas Hampers I'm planning

And here we are round to Monday again, which is what I said this time last week, which seems like 5 minutes ago. I hate the way the days are rushing by so quickly.

Welcome to Darlene, a new follower, hope you enjoy my diary.

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