Monday, 3 August 2015

I ought to look back at July.................

.........................................but  I can't be bothered!

We have the car back, it's sort-of fixed!
 The bloke who owns the little repair garage Col has always used suggested that Col source the part via t'internet,because it would be £100 cheaper, so he did and the wrong part, which, according to part numbers  should have been right, arrived. The next step was to take the old part to the Hyundai dealer in Ipswich to match it up,(which I think should have been done in the first place!) which is when Col discovered that you could buy a part of the part rather than the whole part!! We still have the wrong part here waiting for collection. The part of the part has been fixed back on the car and it goes, except for we have no air-con which doesn't matter as we can just open the window. I hope the wrong part gets collected so that the t'internet company can refund the £300. The part of the part that got things working again was 'only' £90. Are you still with me?

We've been walking our neighbours dogs for her over the weekend. We thought it would be a quiet amble round the track along the back fields on Saturday morning - it was only just after 8am - but we met 4 people we knew and had to stop for a chat with all of them. I've never known it so busy. Saturday evening we didn't see anyone.

It was the village flower and produce show on Saturday. I hadn't entered anything this year as it sort of snuck up on me before I got round to picking up a schedule. I biked down to have a look at the stalls outside - the Church and Chapel always have fundraising stalls -  and came back with these 2 treasures. You will be pleased to know they were just £2 each and I have immediately put two things from the cupboard into the car boot box to make up for allowing more STUFF into the house. But I really couldn't let these bits of old Blue and White china escape could I?
The piece on the right is, I think, a Ham stand, though I've not been able to find anything like it on Ebay. The left hand bowl is not so old, probably 1970s but very lovely.

On Sunday morning I left Col to walk the dogs on his own and  pootled off to the car boot sale. Loads of boots selling things at silly prices. I just came home with these
Very handy canvas bag for £1, Socks will be a Christmas present for a friend who actually Likes socks for Christmas (£2) and  'Keep Calm and Carry On' is a 2CD set of wartime songs(£1.50) which starts with an Air-raid siren!

And here we are round to Monday again. I need to do the August shop, we really must try the caravan awning and there are plenty of other jobs that need doing plus I Must read up about bottling the apricots, last year there were 40lb and the trees have even more on them this year.

Hi to Debbie a new follower, with a little picture on the right.

I shall be back in a day or 4


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