Saturday, 8 August 2015

This months library haul

Collected from the library van on Friday were these books
Most are ones I had ordered online, either new books by authors I've enjoyed, books recommended on my Amazon page or ideas from other bloggers. I still have 5 left to read from last month so plenty to get my teeth into if only there were a few more hours in each day.
Once again there are lots of crime fiction including a couple more of the British Library Crime Classics from the 1940s. I'm trying another Stella Gibbons after I enjoyed The Matchmaker last month. Preserves, Pickles & Cures is borrowed just in case it has an idea in it that isn't in my own 6 books about preserving!

Many thanks for all the comments about jam and jam making on my last post. Cro said he had eaten his first fig so I'm keeping a close eye on mine. I've now bottled 3 kilner jars of apricots and put many more in the freezer. One of Cols' customers asked to buy several pounds too. The wasps are really having a field day now on the fruit crops, it's going to be difficult to hang onto plums I fear. We have stood and watched the pests, trying to find where they head to their nest to destroy it but without any luck.

Back next week


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