Monday, 24 August 2015

An Acorn conversation and plum jam

Apart from delivering the other chicken shed, we had a quietish weekend and I spent quite a lot of time enjoying the sunshine that covered our part of the world. The campsite was busy including 7 small children, which was why it was quietish rather than quiet! I sometimes quite fancy the idea of being an Adult Only campsite.

Conversation with two small girls as I went to clean the toilet/shower block..... they are in the washroom...  Me  "what are you two up to?"...... Them "we're washing acorns, 'cos they're all sticky -yuck".... Me " what are you going to do with them when you've washed them?"..... Them " put them down here to dry " - laying them on the mat on the floor...... Me "what are you going to do with them when they're dry?".... Them " put them in our nest!"..... Whereupon they gather up acorns and tell me they are going to get some more to wash. Me" if you want to wash more acorns you can do it in your caravans because I'm now going to do all the cleaning" Them " but this is the washing place!"
No answer to that is there!

Our son came over on Saturday afternoon to get his dad's help with car things and then took Col down the pub to watch the England/France Rugby friendly. I stayed at home and half listened on the radio - a very poor game apart from the last 10 minutes. Col said they were in one room of the pub while an aging             (60+, long hair, big bellies) rock band were warming up in another - glad I stayed at home!

As I thought, the plums are being attacked by wasps and plum moth maggot. Last year I froze a lot  but they didn't seem very nice once defrosted - (They went in pink and sweet and came out brown and sharp) so we are eating them as quick as we can and I made yet more jam, just half a dozen jars. One thing no one could complain about here is lack of choice in the jam cupboard.

Thanks for comments on Saturday. No one need commiserate with me about moving and missing this place as personally I can't wait to be off!

Back soon


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