Saturday, 29 November 2014

Something quite tasty

The 2 samples of the vegetable nut roast things I concocted for Christmas, came out of the freezer for dinner last night. Yummy yum yum!

Only one problem........they are HUGE!
If R, G and me have one each we might not have room for the sausages,roast potatoes, roast parsnips, carrots, peas, Brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce, bread sauce and gravy! Not to mention the Chocolate Meringue Gateaux or Christmas pud.
But if we only have half each they will look a bit mean. A rethink needed maybe ramekins instead of the mini cake tins, but I'm not sure my ramekins are oven proof as they came from a charity shop (of course!)
I actually remembered to write down what I did so I can give you the recipe.

Individual nut and vegetable  roast thingys ( this made 2)
Sorry I'm still not into metric so

Some dried cranberries soaked in boiling water and cooked in the microwave for a minute or so 'til soft, then drained.

4oz carrots }   Boiled and mashed
4oz parsnip}        together with some black pepper

2oz unsalted cashew nuts whizzed in the nut chopper thing, but not too fine
3oz breadcrumbs
1 small onion                     }    chopped finely and cooked 'til soft in a teeny bit of butter in
2 smallish stalks of celery }                          the microwave

Mix the celery,onion,nuts and breadcrumbs together with a beaten egg.

Line 2 mini cake tins with parchment paper and put a layer of the nut mix in the bottom.
Press down tight.
Then a layer of parsnip/carrot mash and smooth down again
Next some cranberries
Then another layer of the nut mix.
Press down firmly again.
I used medium hot oven and cooked them for about 40 minutes until they were firm and golden.
Because I wanted to check that they froze OK I then left them to cool, popped each one still in the tins into the freezer.
They were taken out of the freezer in the morning and left to defrost in the kitchen and then reheated, with a bit of foil over the top, for about 25 minutes to serve hot for dinner.

I had thought about cheese on top but decided they didn't need it. They will be luscious with warm cranberry sauce over them.

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