Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Christmas card writing.............already?

The weather was grey and wet and depressing yet again so I decided to put the lights on in my craft room and start writing the Christmas cards. I have a couple for overseas so need to get those posted and for 3 relatives who live in and around Ipswich I use Scout Post and they need to be done by the 10th. The 1st Ipswich Scout Group have been fundraising by delivering Christmas cards in Ipswich for years, all you have to do is pop your cards and 25p per card into the special "letterboxes" in the town centre -  I use the Oxfam Bookshop. Then between the 13th and 24th there must be dozens of Scouts and helpers popping them through letterboxes all over the town and surrounding area. I missed out doing it in 2013 because we weren't in town at the right time but C has to take the Jeep to the dealers regarding the recall notice in early December so he will drop me in town for an hour and I will drop the cards in the box.

We have a Mabel cat breakthrough. If you were reading in February you will remember we adopted two timid cats from Cats Protection. Polly soon became friendly and is now very settled but Mabel somehow managed to get out of the back door before we had started to let them out. We've been feeding her outside and often see her around the smallholding but as soon as she spotted us she would be off, she wasn't even keen on being looked at through the window. But today as I came back from collecting the eggs she was sitting on the bales in the hay shed, normally she moves away but today she let me walk right up to her and actually let me stroke her. So I came indoors and got the packet of Dreamies ( I have no idea what's in them but cats love them and now people are getting paranoid about advertising on Vlogs and blogs I have to say no-one has paid me in anyway to mention them and won't it be boring if we have to do this every time we mention a trade name!) and went back and gave her a few. Maybe she will get friendlier and want to come indoors, especially if the weather turns colder but goodness knows what Polly will say about that.

Thank you for comments yesterday about veggie Christmas meals. On the two occasions I've chosen the vegetarian option for a change when eating out with groups at Christmas, one was a goats cheese tart and was really nasty and the other was supposed to be a nut loaf but just tasted like a stuffing mix.  Fobbed off with rubbishy food is what I thought!

I must welcome Anne B and Cottage Retreatest who have started  following via Bloglovin'. Cottage Retreatest has an all singing, all dancing blog about getting out of debt. ( i.e it has features like moving pictures and twitter messages that I wouldn't have a clue about!)

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