Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Christmas cake making and technology creeping in.

I put the fruit into soak on Sunday so today was the day to get the Christmas cakes all mixed and into the oven.

My Christmas Cake recipe is here  if you are interested. This year I did 2½ times the recipe and that's made one very large cake for us, one small and a mini one for gifts.

We watched and enjoyed the " Secrets of the Castle" on BBC 2 last night.. The bloke who does the reviews for The Guardian ( which I found on line and pinched the photo from ) wasn't sure it could be interesting for 5 one hour episodes, we will see.What I liked was the fact that they hadn't made everyone wear bright blue/orange/ whatever hard hats. Though I did notice some people had goggles and they all seemed to be wearing proper work boots.
Secrets of the Castle
Peter plus chisel
  Gill and Kev in comments said they would do series record. " What's that" I had to ask C.                 " Something we don't have on FreeSat" was the answer. We are so far behind with modern technology.  I supposed we will be forced to join in eventually, when people are swapped for machines as they have done in Barclays Bank in Ipswich. I went in to pay in a cheque and the whole place had changed, where there was once people was a row of computers. I turned round and left and paid the cheque in a our local branch. But I'm sure the same thing will happen there before long. One of the girls in there asked me recently why I still needed to use cheques. " To pay for things by post I said" she looked amazed. We get people coming to the campsite without cash and they want to pay by card but as far as I know it still costs a lot for businesses to have one of the card machines, so I have to say cash or cheque please.
The ads for all the different sorts of tablets/phones/things I don't understand on TV, all make them look amazingly clever, with apps to do all sorts of useful things and even Ilona at Life without money has got a Hudl and I don't even know what one of them is. I'm not sure my poor brain  could cope? It took me weeks to get the hang of blogging!
Although I do like the Symbols  thing I've just found so I can do ☺ or ✌ or ½ or ✔ or ☕ it's added a whole new dimension to the blog!

I've just noticed someone has vanished from Google  Friends, that's unusual, and the weird anti-women bloke is around leaving his rant on comments  again - boring.

Back Tomorrow
Sue ☺


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