Thursday, 13 November 2014

Breaking the bank AND concrete.

I finished yesterdays post by saying I would be back today with a frugally post unfortunately that was before I took Polly to the vets. £97!!!!!!! It's been ages since we last took an animal to a vets, I had no idea that vets fees had gone up so much. Polly needed to be looked at because she was looking a bit tatty after I used some cheap flea stuff on her and I remembered a cat we had many years ago having the same problem. So a steroid injection, 6 months supply of  decent flea treatment, two lots of different wormer and I was nearly £100 worse off.

The vets is right next to the tool hire place so while I was being robbed C popped in there and hired an electric concrete breaker so we could get that last bit of shed base done. He was doing it bit by bit with a sledge hammer and had spent twenty minutes on it just an hour before the Hardly a Heart Attack 5 weeks ago.
Me and the breaker

did all the rest in half an hour easy peasy!

Look at this for a late autumn treat, because the weather has been fairly dry and extra warm the autumn raspberries had a late flourish.
And Finally for today,
 Spotted in M&S yesterday
Specially for  your bed for Christmas
You don't decorate your bed for Christmas?
M&S think you should, they have this Christmas Duvet cover or you could have reindeer or Santa

WHY? well why not?
after all it's only £59!

Back Tomorrow
 Sue          Toile Bedding Set


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