Monday, 10 November 2014

A normal Monday

Thank you to Mary in Bath, Jean at Shrimpton and Perfect, Morgan at Growing in the Fens, Kev, Chickpea, A Kentish Maid, Bovey Belle ( and thank you for the alternative Apple Dappy recipe), The Saver of Surburbia, SusanM, Gill, Cro, Pam, Sweet Blondie Blue Eyes and Out My Window for comments yesterday about moving or not moving.
I have no idea what we will do. Nothing between now and Christmas that's for sure.

This morning after I'd got the bread dough proving we delivered 12 bales of straw to Cs customer in Leiston, she uses it for mulching dahlias and other flowers over winter. She settled up what was owed for him working there last month. When the bread was doing it's second rising we cut a bit more wood. We thought if we do 15 minutes of cutting every day that we can the wood heap will soon be big enough for lasting for ages. C brought in all the french climbing beans to dry and took down the canes.

This afternoon I've been turning a small white tablecloth that was bought from a car boot sale umpteen years ago, into 4 napkins. It's looking as if we will have 12 people here for Christmas day  and I've got 8 Christmassy napkins so these 4 will make enough and that will save me buying paper ones. Christmas day is the only day I even think about us being posh enough to use napkins! They do look nice when the table is all laid.
That's the sum total of the excitement here today apart from a dash round everywhere with the hoover and duster.

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