Thursday, 6 November 2014

An un-exciting day

I took C to the doctors this morning,  he'll be able  to drive himself  again from next Tuesday, thankgoodness.  His tablets are being jiggled again and she agreed that the hospital doctor increasing the statin tablets eightfold was rather a big increase, they gave him awful indigestion so he's gone back to the original dose. This tablet thing is complicated stuff.
I went in the Co-op while I was waiting and came to the conclusion that my hamper idea is rubbish! I buy stuff for Christmas bit by bit anyway  and only buy what we need, so buying other things to put in a hamper box would just be a waste of money.

This afternoon C went over to our neighbours to do a few small jobs she needed doing and I sorted a lasagne and a new recipe called Apple Dappy ready for our youngest and her bloke coming round for dinner tonight. IF the apple thing is edible I'll post the recipe tomorrow.
Nothing else of note to write about today, I'm too busy reading my free Persephone book!

( for some reason the Naan Bread recipe link didn't work yesterday , it should be OK now)

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