Sunday, 2 November 2014

November plans

I was thinking about what needed doing this month and decided to do what I always do - Write a List.
Then I thought I might as well share it with you
  1.  Looking back at last Novembers accounts I found that it would have been a low spend month if we hadn't had to spend out a whopping £500 on tractor repairs. Without any tractor spending this month ( now I've said that the B.......thing will probably break down!) I would like the 2014 November spending to be well down on last year.
  2. Continue eating our own fresh apples and fruit from the freezer so that we spend no money on fruit apart from an orange and a lemon for the Christmas cakes.
  3. Make a double batch of Naan bread
  4. Make a batch of Tomato and Herb rolls 
  5. Do the main monthly shop
  6.  Sort the seed/veg plant order and make sure it is less than the £100 that it was last year.
  7. Get chicken feed on the way back from Ipswich when C has his 24 hour heart monitor fitted
  8. Christmas cakes to make, 1 for us and 3 small ones for gifts
  9.  I need to find out what Cs Dad and Brother would like for Christmas and get them sorted out
  10. We need to clear the 2 runner bean beds and store the canes away and pick off some beans for drying.
  11. More clearing in the 3 poly-tunnels
  12. Chop a few more sacks of kindling wood
  13. Clean out the empty chicken shed
  14. Clear a few veg beds - at least 3
  15. I want to fit in  some cycling or swimming or both for fitness
  16. Go and see the sea
  17. Visit charity shops in a different town
  18. Confirm how many people will be here on Christmas day
C said "that's only 18 things so 18 days what are you going to do for the other 12?!"
Mmmm guess what I said.

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