Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Driving practice

We had an early start as C had to be at Ipswich hospital for 9.15. He could have driven today as it's 4 weeks since I notified the insurers about the Heart Attack, but he said I ought to have as much practice as possible!
We started off at the hospital then went down to Felixstowe to see the grey North  Sea, the  wind was right off the sea so it was good and rough.

  Next into town for a browse round a few charity shops ( just £2 spent on 2 old Enid Blyton books..... I'm reverting to childhood!) then home via a car place so C could have a look at a car he saw for sale on t'internet. It's A Ford Fusion -  a possible make for downsizing, but he's undecided at the moment. Everything seems very small compared to the Jeep Cheroke which we've had for the last 7 years. Our final stop was the feed mill to pick up a some bags of chicken pellets. In all a round trip of about 100 miles. He said my driving is fine and my confidence is certainly building. His being in hospital for 10 days forced me into the driving seat and has done me no harm although I've still got no experience of Motorway driving or on really busy A roads.

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