Monday, 3 November 2014

4 Days Diaires in one post

On Friday I did my usual Review of The Month, On Saturday it was The Library Book Photo , yesterday was a list of Plans for November so it's about time for an ordinary diary post catch up.

The warmest Halloween on record and C felt well enough on Friday afternoon to go over to our neighbours and use the ride on mower to cut her grass, she was pleased that he will still be able to work for her. I made a small batch of cheese scones for C and some fruit ones for me and a small tuna quiche for weekend lunches. A few outside jobs were done as well but I can't remember what they were!

On Saturday up popped an email for reduced price delivery from Approved Foods and a Free Lucky box too. I wasn't sure there was anything I wanted but found a giant bag of Salt, some Pure soap, biscuits, mandarin segments, fajita seasoning, mint cremes- well in date -  and cranberry sauce  for Christmas, liquorice allsorts for C and Cadburys Screme eggs for me ( ordinary creme eggs but with a halloween wrapper!) and that was enough for an order.
While I was fiddling about online I did a small Amazon order for some Christmas presents.
The weather was decent so we worked together outside and got the electric fences down from around the now empty chicken shed, then C was able to hook the shed up to the tractor and tow it down to right beside the muck heap on the field so it will be easy to clean out. We used the trailer on the mower to shift the feed bin that was beside the shed which means everything there is now cleared away. C also drained the water out of the campsite toilets.

My sister and brother-in-law called in for a cup of tea and a natter after doing a 7 mile walk along the coast. ( They are much fitter than we are I think!).

We didn't bother to go and see if the car boot was happening on Sunday morning  as the weather was windy with rain threatening. The rain held off long enough for us to clear one bed of runner beans and I picked off a tray full of beans for drying to use for seed next year.

On Sunday afternoon we planned to go for a walk along the prom at Aldeburgh but the rain was pouring down and neither of us fancied a wet walk. We had a quiet afternoon watching Darts on TV and reading instead.

Today we went to Saxmundham to do the monthly shop. I had a £4 off £30 spend  and £6 in vouchers for Tescos. Quite a big spend there because cat food was on offer so I got 2 boxes of pouches for Polly, and they had some boxes of chocolate biscuits on offer which will be Christmas presents.
When we got home the postman had been and brought me something nice..... A free book :-)
When the Persephone Biannually catalogue arrived a couple of weeks ago I noticed a paragraph saying that they had a free book - The Home Maker by Dorothy Canfield Fisher to give away to bloggers, as you can imagine I was there emailing them like a shot. Now I just have to read it and review and link my review to their website.
 I love the Persephone publishing company, they find books that have been forgotten and reprint them in their special way with endpapers featuring fabric of the period. I've been slowly collecting them  over the last few years but not usually new as they are quite pricey.

 This afternoon the rain really came down so while I was working indoors C went out and made a start on sorting out his workshop which is in a terrible mess. I've been offering to help him tidy it all summer as things just get dumped in any old how but he thinks I want to throw too much out (true) so he always refuses my help.
Our friend T arrived with the nice big cheque - £900- for the hay he had back in the summer, that will help the bank balance no end and make it easier for us to get through to campsite opening time without dipping into the savings, Then  a ring of the doorbell and a lady who had a couple of bales of hay for her ponies a month ago was back for another 6 bales and that was another £15 into the kitty. 

Right, that's up to date and I must go and sort out dinner

Thanks for comments yesterday.

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