Sunday, 30 November 2014

A catch up diary post

Goodness me, I've not done a proper diary post for days.

 So what's been happening here on the Simple Suffolk Smallholding?

On Wednesday the weather was awful, rain almost all day. I baked some of Cs favourite shortcakes  to put in  the freezer and a coffee sponge. I also used up the last packet of cake mix that arrived from Approved Foods in a free Lucky Box - chocolate cup cakes - oh dear not very nice. Actually of all the cake mixes I've had cheap from AF only packets of Morrisons carrot cake were good enough to even consider buying - although I never have.
C sharpened the chainsaw - the one problem with cutting scrap wood, it's sometimes very difficult to avoid hitting a nail. Then he went and baited our neighbours rat boxes.

Thursday morning was tidying up ready for the Estate agent bloke. In the afternoon C went over to our neighbours to drain the water from her watering system which is pumped from her well, while I wrote some more Christmas cards and letters.

Friday was spent chopping kindling, bringing some more scrap wood into the wood cutting shed and then cutting it up. I biked down to the library van and collected two bags of books to last us through to January. Kate-who-had-my-goats came and collected 20 bales of hay for the girls. She's got a billy goat staying with Izzy at the moment hoping for some kids in the spring. Having a Billy there is a bit of a shock for Kate who hadn't realised just how smelly they are.

Saturday morning the wind was from the east and it was one of the rare mornings when we could hear the sea from 4 miles away. It doesn't sound whoosh, whoosh, like when you are on the beach but a constant noise a bit like a central heating system. The weather/tide conditions are only right to hear it one or two days a year.
 C wanted to clean out the small chicken shed and move it to somewhere dryer, except the tractor couldn't get a grip so the shed had to stay where it was, while we wait for a hard frost or a week of drying winds.
I got on my bike and went down to the Annual Cancer Research Christmas Fair in Knodishall.  Last year all I found was the 50p Christmas decoration which I mentioned the other day as being the most viewed post on my blog - weird. Anyway, this year I found 2 small presents, a genuine old print of Great Yarmouth in a frame, some new oven gloves, and a bundle of Christmas cards - amongst them was one for a grand-daughter!.... maybe a bit of a wait before I get to use that one and I had 5 raffle tickets, I left the tickets with my phone number on but I won't hold my breath - not a lot of chance of me winning, I NEVER win in raffles! but  I did enjoy my free mulled wine and mince pie. Total spend for my morning out £4.50.
Lots of sport for C to watch on TV in the afternoon, rugby,darts and snooker. I wrote a few more cards and put the radio on in the craft room to see how Ipswich Town FC were doing. I found they had an early kick off so the match had already finished and they had won 1-0. Good news indeed and put them up to 2nd in the Championship. The town will get a  huge boost if they manage to get promoted to the Premiership, even better news later....... Norwich lost!

Sunday dawned grey and foggy, no work planned so we went down to Aldeburgh for a walk along the beach and back through the town

 The tide was very low and just  a few people about, one man fishing and a couple dog walking. More people in town as we went back  peering in the shop windows. Mostly expensive clothes shops and art galleries for the holiday cottage owners.
We drove back through Thorpness and stopped to look in the antiques and collectibles emporium. Spending for our morning out was nothing except for the bit of diesel.
A quiet afternoon planned before a busier week next week

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