Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Knock Knock, who's there? Lucy. Lucy who?

Lucy Lastic!
That's what happened to a pair of my leggings, so I spent a while this morning  turning over the top, where the loose elastic had been stitched in, stitching it down and threading in a new bit. I have come to the end of a huge bundle of elastic that I picked up at a car boot sale about 10 years ago. I'd better remember to add elastic to my shopping list as you never know when you will need it.
I also mended a couple of big tears in Cs overalls to keep them useful for a while longer. Mending was the perfect job for a day where the rain started at 1am and carried on for 11 hours virtually non stop. The field was quickly waterlogged.

My other job this morning was making a double batch of Tomato and Herb rolls.
 I'm sure I've posted the recipe already but it's not labelled under recipes so this is it if anyone wants to try them.

 Yesterday I made Naan Bread and we cleaned out the empty chicken shed, so that's 3 things off my November Plan list from last Sundays post.

I said the other day that we never worry about the postman coming and this morning he brought all sorts of interesting things. 2 were items ordered for Christmas gifts, the latest Home Farmer Magazine for me to review ( they must have put me down for a whole years subscription for free - Goodness me!) and finally a box saying Live Plants..... at last the 24 Strawberry Plants had arrived. They were free except for postage from Junes issue of Home Farmer - that was a copy I had bought for myself!
 We got some cheap grow bags from B & Q several months ago because we want to grow the strawberries in the poly-tunnel but up above ground level. C has planted them up today with each grow bag on an old scaffold board. They will sit outside until late winter then we will move them into the poly tunnel. I'm not sure if this will work or maybe they should be under cover straight away? We will see what happens.

Right, The delivery man has just brought the AF order so I'm off to unpack it and put everything away before dinner.
Back Tomorrow
PS Thanks for all the interesting comments yesterday about Christmas hampers and shopping catalogues.


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