Friday, 14 November 2014

Beans means.............more beans next year

It's been a Very Grey Day here on the Suffolk coast , C needed the light on  for reading before 3 o'clock.
We did a couple of jobs outside before the rain started and cut a bit more wood inside the shed later. 

 This afternoon I shelled out the runner beans, which had been drying over the Rayburn.

A nice lot for saving to sow next year
They should all be the same sort -  St George -  but a few others seem to have sneaked in.

I need to reply to a few comments on previous days posts.

Yesterday I deleted a very strange comment from a male chauvinist who was very anti women. DON'T click on his blog please.
Also yesterday John Grey reckoned I looked like the terminator while I was using the concrete breaker. Thanks John! I was wearing C's visor and ear defenders that he uses for wood cutting, so probably did look a bit odd, although compared to some things I was called when I was much younger that was probably a compliment.

A few days ago Sue at New Life in the country said Sunday mornings was a good time to practice driving on a Motorway, that's a good idea but the trouble is that we are nearly 80 miles from the nearest - either the M11 which is the other side of Cambridge or the dreadful M25. I wonder if it's possible to drive around the country avoiding every motorway - that's what I would do I think!

There were lots and lots of suggestions after my Sunday post about deciding our future. Our smallholding is out in the country a mile from villages, 2 miles+ from small towns and 25 miles from a big town. We've done  village life and I wouldn't want to go back. A village has all of the downsides of a town with none of the benefits. I've lived in  a small town in Suffolk for 5½ out of my 59½ years, a hamlet of a few houses for 42 years ( including 22+ here) out of 59½ and in villages for the other 12  years. I do know I would never live in a city or a large town. Someone suggested a canal boat but that's something we've done for holidays and enjoyed but not a permanent solution for us now. A small town on the coast somewhere would be ideal, but that won't be in Suffolk as there are only 4 towns on our coastline, and for various reasons we wouldn't want to live in any of them!

I don't seem to be getting around to leaving any comments on other peoples blogs at the mo. Not sure where the time goes. I know some bloggers get annoyed at people reading and not leaving a comment but I have so many blogs I like reading and not enough hours in my day.

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