Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Replies to 100+ comments!

There were so many comments on the last 3 posts and I really should reply so...............
Thank you to everyone who wished the infection away so Col could get home, sadly he is still in as they are waiting for the culture to grow to see what it is! He now feels absolutely fine and has had no more high temperatures so it might be nothing at all...........which would be good but frustrating. He won't be out before Friday morning. The man in the next bed died suddenly last night, which is awful for the others in the ward (and for the mans family obviously) because they don't seem to have anywhere to move the deceased away from the ward ........... really horrible for everyone. The nurses were deep cleaning the bed at 4 am - in the ward with 5 people wanting to sleep-  and when Col next woke up there was someone else there already! Our NHS is wonderful but some things could do with extra money/nurses/space etc.

Also thanks for all the comments about little Jacob Rhys - love that name, can't wait to see him.

Simon......the food in Ipswich hospital is awful, it is shipped in a lorry from somewhere in Essex and just heated up in Ipswich. Potatoes are either rock hard or a mush, they don't seem to add any flavourings so things are mostly tasteless. Luckily they do provide the cancer patients with a cooked breakfast if they want it and that is done on site. The cancer ward is the only one with this 'privilege'. The wards do their own toast so at least that's fresh.

Our daughter - the new mum - was only 6lb 3oz so I'm not surprised little Jacob is a small fella, I'm sure he will soon grow.

Thank you to My shabby chic and Mid Suffolk Meadow for explaining the ESA increase

Christine at Bluebell and Violet ( Jacob's other nan/gran) I am extremely envious that you have been able to see our new grandson already! He looks so cuddly and kissable

Ilona - yes you are so right about moving, it has made things much easier.

Jackie in Canada, sorry that your son couldn't continue in archaeology, I hadn't thought about the effect of snow and frozen ground on digs! Our son only ever camped once when on a dig - way back in uni days. Most archaeology work here is short term contracts and so much is done by volunteers that it's not easy to get a proper salaried job - he is very pleased that he'll be able to stay living in Suffolk.

Mary, I'm glad you are enjoying The Shepherds life, it's one I'm adding to my read-it-again list

Jess - Happy birthday to your OH and look forward to seeing you in the Summer, I want all the inside info on what the new owners are doing at Fareacre! Baby Jacob has more hair than his Grandad Col at the moment - Col's hair may grow back white which will look good I think!

Sadie - the cheese straws gave Col indigestion  ( a phase of the after -chemo thing) so I had to bring the rest home and eat them myself !

Lyn at I prefer reading - I've made a note of which Trollope's you recommend as the best to try so will give one a go.

Thank you to Sam who asked if I could speak about blogging at a meeting of small business members in Suffolk. All I would be able to say is that I started not having a clue what I was doing and carried on because I enjoyed it! Oh, and thank you for clicking the follower button.

Sue in Wales - No Col doesn't enjoy watching tennis as much as I do but he's got used to my Month-of-tennis-watching and puts up with it. Good job it's just a month! Our son said that on one of the Sky channels there seems to be tennis on all the time - probably a good thing we only have Freeview - I would never get anything done.

Back in a day or hope the B******weather has warmed up a bit - it's freezing here and so very grey and windy too



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