Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The £100 book?

Is the book in this photo really worth £100?
Well, there are a few copies on Amazon for sale for that price but whether anyone will buy them is a different matter. I paid 50p - much more realistic. Knowing nothing about it or the author - as I was only drawn to it by a small embossed picture of a farmhouse on the front cover - I came home and looked him up.You can read about him here if you want. Seems he was best known for having an affair with Evelyn Gardner when she was still married to Evelyn Waugh.
So where was this treasure?........... At a midweek boot sale which I ventured to early this morning, held at Needham Market which is just a quick dash down the A14 from here.
(I'm pleased that I am now confident enough to zoom to boot sales along busy main roads! I couldn't and wouldn't have done it a couple of years ago). There were quite a few booters there but most of them looked like traders or dealers and other than the book, only  £1.20 was spent on the wooden train and a pack of notepaper and envelopes.
By 8.30am it was getting hot, and I'd been round once so drove home again via Asda for shopping. Then spent an hour sitting in the garden until it got too hot for that too.

Col, by the way, is back in hospital AGAIN! He just had 3 days out then felt hot and shivery, his temperature was almost 38 so a phone call to the special cancer ward 'hotline' number and they told him to go back again. His neutrophil level was almost zero ( Neutrophils are the white blood cells that protect against infection) so he will be in hospital having frequent platelet, blood infusions and antibiotics and they will keep a close eye on him for at least 5 days. The type of Non Hodgkin Lymphoma he has is certainly a nasty one.

Thank you to penfriends (who read this blog) SW for the little hat for baby Jacob and  WM for the muslin cloths also for our little fella. Both arrived in the post this morning. J, H and baby Jacob are hoping to get here for a weekend soon if we can't get there.

Thank you for comments, now it's time for another half hour in the sun - just in case this is the last day of summer!.

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