Sunday, 12 June 2016

Thought for the day.........................

............Who decided tea bags should be in boxes of 40, 80 and multiples? surely 50 and 100 would be more logical.

Oh, I've just noticed two more people have clicked the follower button, so welcome to Bridget and someone else but not sure who.

I finished this new Elly Griffiths book in double quick time and was slightly disappointed, hardly a mention of archaeology at all and  the characters have lost their character (if you see what I mean). This is the 8th novel in the series, this time set mainly in the pilgrimage village of Walsingham in Norfolk. If you haven't read these and you like modern crime novels and prefer to buy rather than borrow, then The Book People have the first 5 on offer for £7.99, and no I'm not getting paid to tell you this - unfortunately!

What to read next? I choose The Year of Reading Dangerously, How 50 Great Books Saved My Life by Andy Miller but Oh Dear, after 40 pages I was already getting cross. A few weeks back I had a book called How to Be Well Read by John Sutherland - his choice of 500 'great' novels, and after flicking through discovered that although I read a lot I wasn't well read at all. Reading The Year of.....  I realised that actually I'm not bothered that I've never read all the books that I 'ought' to have read. That's the difference between me and Andy Miller, he pretended to other people that he had read all the big classics, he was ashamed at what he hadn't read and wanted to  read more of them. Whereas I just can't be ar**d!
Mr Miller has a lot to say about a reading group he joined - it sounded 'awfully pretentious darling' and that is one of the reasons I've never joined one, I like reading, I enjoy sharing my thoughts about books on here but as for dissecting and discussing a book afterwards - No, I'm too busy getting on to the next book!
I see that my friend Mary In Bath has commented yesterday that she enjoyed The Year Of.....  and said it will give me more inspiration for reading, we'll have to agree to differ on that I reckon :-)
There was just one sentence in those first forty pages that struck a chord........ a nineteenth-century German philosopher called Schopenhaeur said "It would be a good thing to buy books if one could also buy the time to read them". Oh So True.
 We had a good thunder storm and rain on Saturday afternoon, I had the football on TV to keep me company while cross stitching (yep, Col is still in hospital, they won't let him out as his temperature just won't stay steady and his immunity level is at rock bottom) and was expecting the picture to go all peculiar as it did over at Fareacre but then I remembered -Duh! we hadn't got a satellite anymore, we're on Freeview now we're in town, we couldn't get it in the country. Good, no more losing the picture during every storm or heavy rain. We hadn't had any rain for a couple of weeks and everywhere smelled wonderfully fresh.

Please could some of you do something for me? I've noticed that on some folks blog roll my blog is still listed as Frugal In Suffolk - well, as we are now pretty un-frugal especially when it comes to food and buying a beach hut! could you go into the edit bit and change the title, Ta - much obliged.

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