Friday, 17 June 2016

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Thought I ought to change the header, because the map of Suffolk that I was using came from google and I was reminded on someones blog that people do get fined for using copyrighted images. This rose will do for now until I find something more interesting. My problem is that every time I change the header it takes me an hour to remember how to do it. I always think "must make a note of what I did" but then I don't remember how I got there!

Just finished this book - very enjoyable. It's another one gleaned from the archives of the Mass Observation organisation. What I like about diaries is the immediateness of the writing. This is how people actually thought about things at the time, not what a historian thought several years later.
Small shopkeepers had to work hard during WWII; ration books, coupons and points, information constantly changing, lack of supplies and moaning customers. Most of whom didn't grin and bear it just because the country was at war.
Nothing is known about this lady before the diary and all that's known about her later years is what was written on her death certificate. She was unmarried and had no nieces or nephews, but this little bit of her life has been recorded forever.

Col had his second blood test of the week today and we were both pleased to hear that all the important things (platelets, nutrophils, red blood cells) were all creeping up nicely. This means that the stem cell treatment will be sooner rather than later. We go to Addenbrookes hospital near Cambridge one day next week for the pre-treatment check and chat and for him to sign consent forms. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

Very exciting weekend ahead with eldest daughter, son in law and baby Jacob coming from Surrey to stay - just for one night, I doubt they will be arriving very early as H say's it takes her a couple of hours to get organised  and out of the house-  and that's just to go to the shops!


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