Friday, 10 June 2016

Yet more library books........... and a rose

Another load of books brought home from the library. The waiting list was very long for the Elly Griffiths and I'm pleased that it's my turn at last. Guy Fraser-Sampson is a new author to me, he is speaking at the Felixstowe book festival. I've read most of Rachel Hore's books - this is the latest. I think The Fever Tree was mentioned on a blog - no idea what it is. The Year Of Reading Dangerously looks good and The Hogs Back Mystery is another in the British Library Crime Classics reprints. The Attenbury Emeralds is one of the books by Dorothy L Sayers that Jill Paton Walsh finished writing. Human Voices by Penelope Fitzgerald caught my eye on the returned shelf.
I'll let you know how I get on with them all. (Maybe I should stop ordering from the library for a while and read all the books I'm acquiring elsewhere, then I could blog about it or even write a book, like Susan Hill did with her book Howards End is on The Landing! )(or Not)

I squeezed between the caravan and the shrubs out the front to bring in this rose which is different to those in the back garden but it's a disappointment -gorgeous colour but no scent whatsoever. Which means that out of the 7 bushes here only one is scented.

Have a good weekend everyone, enjoy the weeks of football if that's your thing, personally I'm looking forward to Monday when Tennis from Queens Club starts on TV. Talking TV did anyone catch a programme on BBC4 last night, I hadn't seen it trailed at all but happened upon it by chance, it was called Make! and featured two crafting workshops - Lampshades using textiles and paper cutting, I assumed it was the first in a series but it seems to have been a one off. Pity, as it was quite good and inspiring.

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