Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Getting accustomed to a different sort of summer

Moving from the smallholding and campsite to a bungalow in town is taking some getting used to now that summer is here.

 From May to October every year for 23 years I was busy with gardening, growing for sale, young livestock, poultry keeping and selling eggs and looking after the visitors. Suddenly that's all gone and I find that after hospital visiting and normal housework I don't want to spend all the rest of my time reading or cross stitching. I need to have a bit more variety of things to do.
So a  jigsaw puzzle came home from the charity shop with me yesterday
It says it's complete and was only £1 and looks nice and summery. Although it does have some weird shaped pieces and bits with straight edges that aren't really the outside edge. Hmmm maybe a tad annoying.

I've actually been considering if I should volunteer in a charity shop, but I keep getting put off. For instance yesterday there were six of them helping in the Hospice shop but I had to wait for quite a while listening to 3 of the ladies having a debate about what type of hangers men's trousers should now be hung on! Had it been 'officially' changed or was it just their shop manager, how long had it been different and why had nobody told them?
 Aaaaaaagh couldn't be doing with all that.

 Anyway I really need to be at home to take care of Col  at the moment and he is home again - Hooray. Col's brother was taking their dad to hospital for an appointment yesterday afternoon and then up to visit Col but in the meantime they said Col could come home before teatime so Andrew brought him home and delivered me 4lb of strawberries - very handy. I shall be jam making today.

Welcome to  new followers -  Phil in Australia, (who had a blog called house of simple but now has a new blog  called Mr Homemaker), Hippymamax6, Joolz and Christine. Thank you for reading.

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