Saturday, 4 June 2016

The week just gone

Apart from becoming Nanna Sue on the 27th, gazing at pictures of baby Jacob, stitching, sudoku-ing, baking  and watching as much tennis as the weather allowed, I did do a few other things while waiting for Col to come home after chemo number 6. (The really silly thing is that he probably didn't have any infection as nothing showed up in the blood culture. The high temperature was probably due to him having a heat pad round his neck because he felt so achy!) I finally picked him up yesterday afternoon.

So back to last Sunday when I zoomed out of Ipswich early to go to a car boot sale. It was Huge but mostly dealers or people wanting silly prices. All I found was a yellow ink refill for the printer, a big pot of parsley, a babies knife, fork & spoon set and a book about the ENSA organisation during WWII. Total spend £3.80 so apart from the exercise I got walking round, it was almost a waste of time.

I've walked to the shops and post office through this alleyway  passing under these colourful trees

I've been to Asda and seen these most frightening of garden ornaments
The worrying thing is that earlier in the year they had many more than this so some idiots people must have bought them. They even had queen shaped ones and now they have gnomes in swimming trunks!

I went to the library to return some books and  collect a few more. From the picture on last Monday's post two went back unfinished = Deadlier Than the Male was a study of women's crime writing looking specifically at 5 well know authors . It was a bit to literary for me and as it was first published in 1981 it's a
little dated so I just flicked through the chapters on Josephine Tey, Dorothy Sayers and Ngaio Marsh.  All of the reviews of The Girl from Station X by Elisa Segrave were good but after about 3 chapters I  couldn't be bothered to read on. The mother/daughter relationship was too uncomfortable. I probably should have persisted to find out what exactly her mother did at Bletchley Park during the war but............
Picked up were two diaries. First 'The view from the corner shop' by Kathleen Hey, the diary of a Yorkshire shop assistant in wartime and The Journal of Beatrix Potter - a massive tome of nearly 500 pages.

Then this morning it was the once a month boot sale near Woodbridge. Last month it was Huge, today the weather was foggy and nowhere near as many booters there. So after just  short  look round  I returned home with this small haul.

 Another Sudoku book for 30p, a cotton pillowcase to cut up for the inner sachets of the lavender cases for £1, 3 bird pegs for crafting -50p, yellow-duck hand puppet was 20p - he's brilliant! and all the 7 Josephine Tey books for £2. It's many years since I read some of them and the coincidence of reading about her in Deadlier than The Male and then spotting these books seemed too good to miss.

And here we are - a Saturday at the beginning of June. Although Col has to have blood tests and platelet infusions everyday this week, the weather is set to warm up so we might get to the beach hut  and there is a good tennis final on TV tomorrow - what else can a person ask for!

Back Soon
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