Thursday, 16 June 2016

Lessen the stress of buying a new washing machine

This is what I used to keep me calm while searching t'internet for a new washing machine! Home made scones with the home made strawberry jam and a nice big mug of coffee.

When I tried to switch my 18 year old washing machine on this morning all the lights just kept flashing, not for the first time!  dodgy electronics is a major problem and I nearly bought a new one when we moved here. Up to today I've switched on and off a few times and it's been OK. Add to this the grubby rubber seal that's starting to perish and leak a bit and the fact that modern machines use less electric, I decided it was time to fork out for a new one.
I started by googling washing machine reviews, then had a look on Amazon and ended up on as they do free delivery if you choose the right day and £20 off for first order from them. Then a very nice girl rang up to offer me free disposal of the old machine"are you sure it's free? " I asked and she assured me it was an extra bonus for being a first time customer. I've not paid the extra for having it connected as Col says he is feeling well enough to do that. Fingers crossed.
What I won't like is having to learn how to use a new appliance - patience ( i.e reading the instruction booklet properly) is not a virtue of mine!

Thank you for all the comments about charity shops. The Oxfam bookshop would be my first choice for a place to volunteer and my least favourite would be somewhere where there is nothing to do! ( like the people who sit in a room for the National Trust, just occasionally answering questions from visitors, that would drive me nuts). The problem with the bookshop is that's in the town centre so I'd need to pay for bus ticket or car parking - neither are cheap. Anyway I'm not really looking for  a volunteering job at the moment because  with the stem cell treatment coming up soon Col will be be unwell before getting better again so now isn't the right time.

And of course as soon as he is really well again we will be off in our caravan  visiting all those places that I listed somewhere.

Sorry I didn't get round to replying to all the comments. Faith asked about a Suffolk blogger meet up, a lovely idea but are there enough of us? Me, you and Sadie - anyone else in Suffolk ( is there anybody out there?!) Sadie asked if I enjoyed the weather - NO! I got absolutely SOAKED after dropping Col off at hospital and then going to Sainsburys where they had a massive sudden downpour just as I was going back to the car - no rain back at the hospital. The downpour got to this side of Ipswich in the afternoon  and flooded the front driveway! Prolific commentator Galant said she didn't like the cats in the puzzle, well that's OK as you're not doing it - and the "other cottage" is actually a shed!

Welcome to 2 new followers - Sue ( lots of Sues around!) and candbharrison

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