Monday, 20 June 2016

Baby cuddles - no apologies for cuteness overload!


Nanna Sue meets baby Jacob and has lots of cuddles!

Although he's 3 weeks old he should only really be one week old so is still so tiny.

Grandad Col had so many cuddles - even when baby Jacob was fast asleep!

Col's sister kindly fetched their Dad to bring him over for a 4 generation photo shoot. 85 years meets 3 weeks with the new mum and proud grandad.

Our pregnant youngest caught train and bus to visit us to see her new nephew 

Our son squeezed in a  visit very early Sunday morning as he's been working all weekend

And we all spent the weekend watching  the small wonder that is our first Grandson.

I think our daughter and son-in-law were very brave bringing our teeny grandson to see us because of us not being able to go there but everything went well.

No doubt he will have grown a bit next time we see him.

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