Saturday, 28 February 2015

Was February frugal?

 Not with buying a car to replace the gas-guzzling jeep with the dodgy electrics. The car dealers took the Jeep as a trade in - thank goodness - as we didn't want to sell it privately.

Although apart from that things were OK.

Here are the ways we spent less in February -

 Food spending was well below budget for the second month in a row.
21 out of 28 days were no spend days
Fresh from the garden we had leeks,parsnips, kale, brussels sprouts and chard
We ate our own potatoes (until 24th) beetroot and onions from store and
apricots, cooking apples, pears, plums and peppers from the freezer
I made all our own bread again
Free heat from free wood again
Washing dried outside and over the Rayburn
Free library books for reading
8 books rescued from the man-up-the-road's rubbish, cleaned up and added to car boot boxes
Started making Christmas presents from fabric stash
Gooseberry jam made from gooseberries in the freezer
Tidied lots of cupboards and added things to car boot boxes
Used Tesco vouchers for cheap top up shopping
2 Free shopping bags from the Potato day and 1 from Tescos.
Our own compost into poly-tunnels
Using paint we had to do bedroom.

We have a freezing cold wind here today, I'm still debating if I should venture out to a very rare Jumble Sale or to stay at home in the warm and do some sewing.

Thanks for comments last time
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