Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The last of the non-fiction - for the moment!

The bottom three shelves of the alcove under the stairs are my next lot of bookshelf photos.

There are all sorts of books here but mainly about living in the country. All were bought from secondhand book sales and charity shops or ex library when we searched out books to sell at shows. I have read some but not many and a lot of these will go to a car boot sale when we move ( sometime).
Angry Parsnip commented that I had hidden the books from the States with the odds and ends, but nothing is hidden . When I said round the corner it is just on one side of the 3 sided alcove. I don't want to upset my USA readers!

There are a few OS maps here, once this whole shelf was full of the Pink covered OS maps but I've put them into the cupboard in the dining room, to make more room for books. I'm so out of focus on this photo!

Many years ago- around the 1950s/ 60s there was a mail order Countryside Book Club, so many interesting books were available through them. The dust jackets were just cream with one other colour - Peacock On The Lawn below and The Field Of Sighing on the first picture. Some of these were quite obscure and have never been reprinted so they are good to look out for.

Below, on the bottom shelf are our Suffolk Books and a few travel books. Before the age of internet we always borrowed books about the places we were visiting on holiday  and once had many more than this, now it's just as easy to read about places online.

There are 4 books the wrong place on this shelf, one is Hall of Flagons a book I picked up from a charity shop last year. It is about the village of Buxhall in Mid Suffolk and mentions a few of my late Dads cousins who live there still. Beside it, and very tatty - The Batsford Book Of English Cottages - an old book with lots of black and white photos of how cottages were built in different periods of history.The Suffolk Street Atlas should be at the other end of the shelf. The book Mapping The Railways should be on the other side of the alcove with other random old tall  books. I have rectified all these out of order books!!

102 + 597 = 699 so far.

It has been so mild today, not like the normal damp February days we are used to. We have been working outside on and off all day and I also made 3 loaves of bread and brought in jars ready for washing to make jam tomorrow
Compost has been wheel barrowed onto 2 beds of the middle poly-tunnel and forked in, right ready for the earliest of the early potatoes and all the cut branches of the Leylandii hedge have been carted up to the bonfire heap. So we are still getting smallholding jobs done albeit more slowly than a few years ago.

Thank you for comments about books on the shelves yesterday. 

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