Saturday, 7 February 2015

In the newspaper

While I was waiting for visiting time at the hospital back in October I came across a photo in a local magazine. (  Suffolk Lets Talk?) It was one of those flashback pictures that asks a question and invites local people to write in and say what they know about the photo. This picture was of a teacher and said " Who was the New Head Teacher at Wetherden Primary School in 1964, were you in this class?" I recognised Miss Lewis straight away and then on closer inspection there I was in the background. I know its me as I was the only girl with black hair! I took the magazine home to show the children ( we left another one in the Day Room as a replacement!) Then it got added to the other cuttings we have.
I came across the folder with them in while I was tidying in the craft room the other day. Seems I've now been in the newspaper 5 times! The two colour photos of me and Col were both done to promote the Suffolk Smallholders Society in 1995 and 1998. Then on the right was a feature about the changing face of Suffolk Libraries with several old photos of various libraries and I recognised myself in an old photo of Stowmarket Library, where I was working in 1977 or 78. The photo was taken to show how small the library was, and how a new library was needed for the growing town.     (Eventually Stowmarket got a new Library but not until nearly 10 years later). Those three photos were all in the East Angian Daily Times. On the left is a feature called Stepping Stones from the property pages of The Guardian (?). Our neighbour used to pass it to us for fire lighting and they invited you to write in and say how you had moved up the property ladder. (There was supposed to be a money prize if you were featured, which is why I wrote in, but I never got anything.) I'm standing in the garden holding onto two goats in this picture taken around 1997.

Thank goodness all that fame hasn't changed me one bit!!

Thank you to everyone for commiserations yesterday after the jelly incident. The wire frame I was using came from Lakeland donkeys years ago and the paint is flaking off the wire, so it was looking a bit nasty anyway, and a S.O.D. to put together plus it's two or three years since I used it so I think the elastic in the jelly bag was too stretchy. I will either move to a house with beams ( like Bovey Belle) or probably a cheaper option is to purchase a more reliable contraption. I used an upturned stool with string, muslin and pegs for many years, also a bit of a pain to set up and no stools in the house now anyway. Something to sort out before the next redcurrant season.

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