Sunday, 1 February 2015

February fills the ditches.

In my book of old country weather sayings, the rhyme

February fills the dykes, be it wet or be it white

 features regularly as a popular saying from many parts of the country. It has certainly started like that as we have had horrible weather here for most of the day - cold, wet ( sleet, rain and snow)  and windy but it didn't matter as I spent the morning cross stitching and watching the final of the Australian Open Tennis. Pity Andy M tailed off at the end but at least he was in the final. Col spent the morning working down the road at a neighbours house. The man living there - on his own- has done nothing in the place for years but now needs to tidy up so he can have people there to play bridge. There are about 100 small jobs to do, should keep Col busy for a day or two!

This afternoon it's been darts on TV for him and reading for me and a bit of tidying in the dresser draws.

On days like this Summer and sitting outside on Sunday afternoons seems a long way away.

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