Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Gooseberry Jam and 5 Old Books

Due to putting loads of fruit in the freezer last Autumn, plus the half lamb  plus Christmas stuff we have had 2 chest freezers on for the last  5 months. Now both are about ⅔ full, so I need to sort out, use up and squash everything back into one.
Therefore today was gooseberry jam making day, it all went well which makes up for the redcurrant jelly disaster last week. Seven and a bit jars added to the cupboard. I don't eat any myself but Col likes a slice of toast and jam everyday. Gooseberry is one of his favourites and so is Plum and Greengage and Strawberry!
It's still mild here again today but rather grey and dismal. Col did a few odd jobs over at our neighbours and has started getting 4 more IBC tanks-in-a-frame ready for delivering next week.
After the jam making I didn't really do much at all.

Up on the top of the next bookshelves are 5 very old books.These were my Mum's but the Toytown Frolics dates from 1946 when Mum would have been 20 so I reckon it was something she bought for  her youngest brother  who died of Leukemia when he was very little.  I think Mum had one book a year for her birthday given her from her Auntie because most of them say To Joyce From Auntie Gladys!

The Bookano on the right includes a few pop up pictures, which fascinated me when I was little. These books have really thick paper and were much read by me many years ago which has made them very tatty.
 I'm glad I've managed to hold onto them as I got rid of all my books from childhood several years ago at a car boot sale when we were a bit hard up.

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