Saturday, 21 February 2015

From Wednesday to Saturday in Suffolk

Hello, here I am again after a few days off, this is what's been happening here since my last post. I've definitely had more time for other things by not posting everyday.

 I read on a blog about a series of magazines that had been published last year to celebrate the 100th anniversary of  Womans Weekly.
 I expect lots of peoples mums took this back in the day - mine certainly did.
 Out of curiosity I looked on ebay -as you do - to see what they were selling for and watched as one issue went up and up and up to £16.10 - goodness, somebody really wanted that one I thought to myself.
 Then I Googled around and found they could have bought the same issue from Mags, for £4.95 including postage!  Looking on ebay again a few days later I spotted 3 out of the 12 about to go unsold and  put a bid in  and got them for 1p! Very Interesting they are too.
 I might look out for the ones about earlier decades.
 On Wednesday Tesco were giving away their Christmas long-life bags. I'm not sure how much they were before Christmas but I saw them reduced to £1.50 in January.
 This means we've had 3 free shopping bags in the space of 5 days.
 In the charity shop I picked up 2 books for 75p each and then found 8p on the pavement in town.
What a good morning! 
I have been through my cookery books and taken out 10 small ones for the car boot box  to make up for adding 2 more to the collection.
Col has given the campsite shower and toilets a new coat of floor paint plus the walls where they needed a bit of touch up painting.
 I've given the front door a coat of bright red gloss, it's only been waiting for 5 years to be done.
 I'm dreadful at glossing, it always runs. Oh well, better than the grubby undercoat.
 The gas-guzzling Jeep Cherokee with the dodgy electrics has been swapped for a Hyundai Tuscon. Col decided not to step down to a much smaller car because we still want the option of pulling a trailer or maybe a caravan. 
The engine is smaller so should use less diesel and the road tax is a wee bit less.

 Library van day came around again.
My favourites from last month were C.J Sansom's - Lamentations and Bill Coleman's - Gift To Be Simple - a book of photos of the Amish people. Below on the right is his photo of Amish Buggies in the snow, reminding me of a Bruegel painting from the mid 16th century

Here is what I brought home this time. I hope there is something I like here. How have I never tried Ngaio Marsh when they have been around for 80 years? 

On Friday while Col was pressure washing the big poly-tunnel and then the house fascias, I whipped up a few fruit and some cheese scones for a weekend treat.

A lovely start to the day on Saturday so I was able to bike to town for a couple of things forgotten on Wednesday. We've come to the end of our own potatoes so I got a few new potatoes to see us through until we can get a cheap sack- full from a market.

Welcome to The Quirky Bird Gardener, a new follower on Google and The Pumpkin Life, Fee and Di on Bloglovin'. Sorry you have started to read just as I'm posting less often but hopefully you will enjoy reading my less frequent posts.

Back in a few days


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