Thursday, 5 February 2015


We had friends round for the day yesterday, which is why I went AWOL from the blogging world and as they usually come round on a Sunday I now don't know what day of the week we are on. The early afternoon was fine so we walked on the beach at Aldeburgh and just got back to the car before a black cloud turned into a short sharp downpour.

My first job this morning was ironing and Col was up the field burning all the conifer hedge cuttings and rubbish from where he was working at the house up the road. Bringing home rubbish from other places to burn is becoming a bit of a bad habit - in my opinion! Although there was a box of tatty, dusty old books that I had a sort through. Most were maths and physics text books so no use but there were 4 old ladybird books that have cleaned up OK. They've been added to the car boot box NOT my shelves. I also came across this
There are 400 recipes in this little paperback book - no pictures of course -  dating from 1959. I think it was the precursor to a very fat hardback book I had when first married in the 1970s. Nowadays recipe books have many less recipes and more full colour pages of photos - and cost 100 times more - £25 rather than 25p!

My next job was a bit of tidying of craft stuff. The craft room really needs a sort out. When we had the house valued back in October and I showed the estate agent bloke the room and said that it was actually big enough for  a double bed, he looked a bit dubious and agreed that there was rather a lot of Stuff and it was difficult to see how big the room was. But what to get rid of? Card Blanks? No, they will always be useful. Coloured and patterned paper and card?  No, because I will never know just what I need until I need it  (if that makes sense). Card toppers, ribbons, peel off labels, decorative edge scissors and more? How do I know what I will need in the future? It's all much too difficult! I ended up putting about 3 things in the car boot box - not a lot of help in making the room look bigger!

Thank you for all the interesting comments after Tuesdays post. I now have two people who must have been my sisters in a previous life as we have the same books on our shelves! ( Although I'm not sure that my real sister has any of the same books as I have so perhaps it doesn't work like that). Lots of people have The Victorian/Edwardian/Wartime/Tudor Monastery  Farm books. Chickpea said she is hoping to go to Morwellham Quay where the Edwardian Farm was filmed - I would love to go there too. We have been to the Acton-Scott Historic Working Farm in Shropshire where The Victorian Farm was filmed. A Fascinating place but the house they used on TV is now a holiday cottage and out of bounds to visitors. Our friends were talking about another 'Back to the Past ' programme currently on TV , its about several people who have been put into the Stone Age! Called 10,000 years BC I think. I haven't seen it and as it's yet another reality type programme, I've no plans to tune in. I think  medieval would be the earliest period in history that I would like to 'visit'. At least people lived in something we would recognise as houses and were past the hunter-gatherer stage.

 Apologies for not commenting on any other blogs at the moment. I'm getting worried that I'm spending a bit too much time on the lap top, my pile of library books is hardly going down. So if I don't put in an appearance everyday for a while it will be because my nose is in a book!

 Finally today, welcome to  Mendingmakingcrafting a new follower via Bloglovin'.

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