Tuesday, 3 February 2015

More Shelves

Before I forget, welcome to Jill, Lana and Heather who are new followers by Bloglovin'.

I thought I might as well carry on with book shelf pictures as they were already taken.
 The top two shelves of the 3rd narrow bay under the stairs are full of small reference type books including ones with all the information about rhymes and sayings related to the weather.
 Then it's back to more country and natural history books, probably left over from when we took books to shows. When we downsize I think several of these will go as I've only read one or two and I'm not really bothered about reading the others.
My four books from the TV series.  The Wartime Farm book is hundred times better than the series was. Then some books by Katharine Stewart. If you haven't read Croft in the Hills and Garden in the Hills I can recommend them. Then  more Scottish books - I love these by Elizabeth Beckwith, written in the 70s, I first read them when I was working in libraries. I've had the paperbacks for years and then a couple of years ago at the book sale in North Suffolk that's held once a year I found the hard backs for 50p each and by chance the ones I brought home were all different to the ones I had already. I must re-read these again.

More odds and ends. Col likes these " Any fool can be a..........." I've never been able to get into them at all. Perch Hill by Adam Nicholson is about the restoration of a house and garden after a spell of depression. He is the husband of Sarah Raven who is now also well known for her books about food and flower growing.Finally right down in the corner are a few medical books and some more reference books.

Phew, another lot done. That's 102 + 391 = 493.

I popped to Saxmundham this morning,  the road past ours was slippery, so I'm glad I was driving rather than biking. The February shop of things that I can't get at Aldi was done and I found craft or dishcloth cotton in the Factory Shop - much to my surprise so I got another ball. 75p less than the craft shop.  Col meanwhile was ( and this statement deserves capital letters) TIDYING HIS WORKSHOP!!

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