Thursday, 12 February 2015

It's a Crime!

........................well actually it's lots of crime. I do read some fiction other than crime but rarely buy to keep ( except for the Miss Read)

And, as we say in Suffolk , I seem to be slightly on the huh!

Some have been borrowed from the library and read and then searched for secondhand to keep, others have been collected but are unread.  I've only read up to J in the Sue Grafton Alphabet crime series. Some have been bought from Amazon ( Maureen Ash and some of Margaret Frazer) because they are only published in the States - which is weird as they are historical crime by American Authors BUT set in England. Quite a few are ex-library and are waiting to be read when the time comes that the libraries are so hard up that they don't buy new books! Or when/if we move to somewhere where they charge to reserve books.
 On the very bottom shelf are all the Ellis Peters Cadfael books. I read these as they were published and then a few years ago I kept spotting them in charity shops so decided to collect them, so that I can read them all again.
Do you see how big the 5 C.J. Sansom books are. It takes him 3 or 4  years to write each of these Shardlake series and I'm now reading the 6th - borrowed from the library of course . Then I shall wait for it to appear in paperback in a charity shop where I'll snap it up for about £1.99 instead of the £20 which people who don't use libraries will pay - MAD! ( Pot calling kettle black springs to mind when you look at how many books I actually possess!)

Now to count this lot.........................188 + 704 is errrrr...........892

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