Monday, 16 February 2015

That's it, the end, you've seen them all!

At last I have got to the very end of the book shelf pictures.

It has been an interesting experience. I've spotted a few books in the wrong place. Lots that can go when we downsize and many that I wouldn't part with ever. I don't have 2 of anything as far as I can see ( except The Hovel) and it's also amazing how few were bought new and I had no idea there were so many!

So here we go .....towards the end.
In the porch where I keep my campsite handouts and checking in stuff ready for people arriving on site are 4 shelves of overflow books that need sorting out. Most will go when we move.
Above are craft books in the craft room - some of these will go to a car boot sale.That giant book - The Quilted Planet  was bought for £1 from a charity shop book clearance about 4 years ago and it's cheapest price on Amazon is £10.20. So I got a bargain.
And finally, the two pictures above are the cookery books in the kitchen.

Then there are 5 Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House Books on top of the shelves in the hall that I've forgotten  to photograph.

(Also several books out in the campsite recreation room/library but they are for people to borrow or swap so I won't count them.)

5 +114 in the porch, 42 in the craft room and 75 in the kitchen is another 236 so the  great grand total is

 Oh my goodness. A lot of weeding out to do when we downsize. 

Welcome to Jill a new follower on Google friends.

Thank you to everyone who has said they have enjoyed the book pictures. Maybe it's given people a few ideas for things to read.

Tomorrow  I shall be doing a normal diary post with not a book in sight.

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