Monday, 9 February 2015

The 5p morning spend and some more bookshelves.

We had another of those mornings when we cram loads of errands into one trip out.

1st - to the car sales place as Col is looking at something that might be less gas guzzling than the Jeep Cherokee but still 4WD in case we still need to pull a trailer/caravan, if/when we move.

2nd - to deliver a IBC container-in-a-frame to a member of the Suffolk Smallholders Society in Yoxford. ( including fitting a tap and delivery we sold it for £45).

3rd - as we were right next door to the Yoxford Antiques Centre we popped in to have a look. I'm STILL looking for a small shelf for the bathroom. The prices there are silly expensive. An old wooden bread board £38! was one thing I noticed. No shelf and nothing else interesting.

4th - to Framlingham where I had a look in the 3 charity shops ( Nothing bought here either) while he went and got the chicken feed.

5th - to Tescos on the way home for milk and fresh stuff, using the £5 Tesco voucher that came in the post last week my shopping came to 5p!

And home in time for lunch.

It's about time I put some more of the book shelf photos on the blog.
Here we go round the corner in the alcove under the stairs
On top of the shelves the five books in the Cazelet series by Elizabeth Jane Howard are being propped up Beatrix Potter. I didn't see these as a child and never got on well with reading them to our children but I love the paintings and have been collecting them from boot sales for the last few years. I'm just 2 or 3 short of the whole collection. At the bottom of the pile is a biography about Potter.
On the other end are the few old children's books I have.

In the two pictures above are some random odds and ends, including some of the books acquired at Christmas or with Christmas money ( sorry it's out of focus).  At the left on the top picture are two books by Elizabeth West ( Hovel in the Hills etc) that you might not have come across. They are called "Suffer little children" and "Insufferable little children", Both are fiction about a school secretary and the children and parents of a primary school, and both very funny.

Next two pictures below are all my shelf of  books from the States, some very weird and post apocalypse! Mostly are farming and simple living and off grid books. Then in the bottom photo on the right are my Amish books.

That's another 104 books to add to 493 from last week = 597

Three more shelves tomorrow then I'll be round the corner to my fiction books. There's quite a few of those too!

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