Wednesday, 30 November 2016

End of the month

First of all thank you all for the comments about our nasty shock regarding the cancer. It almost feels that we have wasted the whole year with chemo and hospital, but it had to be done and Col is better now than he was at the end of last year. Plus we now know that we don't like living in town, hate not being able to be even a little bit self-sufficient and I've become a confidant driver  so it's not all bad!

Anyway we've got to the end of  low spend/no spend November.
There are a few bits to be added
Spending at the Christmas Bazaar (charity) £3, Fresh fruit,vegetables,eggs,milk and things for lunches this week £13.50
Filled up with diesel again after our Surrey trip £30- should last most of December
Few more edible presents £5
Total November spend £591 + the phoneline and  broadband Direct Debit which goes out later today.
It's very handy having a month with no big bills!
Next month there is the electric/gas bill, car insurance and cash presents - No way can December be low spend. I'm extremely envious of people who can do Christmas for under £100 but with 3 children and their partners, 2 Grandchildren, 2 sisters and brothers in law, one Dad, one brother, 2 nephews and a niece, it's never going to happen here. Especially as I don't do the sort of crafts that make presents.

I shouldn't really be fiddling on the blog because there is a December job list to be written and I must start writing Christmas cards as the Ipswich Scout Post-boxes closes on December 8th, they have one at the Oncology out patients which is handy, we can pop them in next week when we go and speak to the Cancer specialist nurse, 25p a card this year so still under half the price of a proper stamp and I need to pop my repeat prescription form round the corner before it gets dark.

Thank you again for all the virtual support.......Onward and Upward

Back in a day or two


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