Friday, 18 November 2016

Tracks of my years

I've never ever seen this done on a blog before so this may be a First. Ever. in. Blogland!

If you have ever listened to The Ken Bruce programme on Radio 2 weekday mornings you will have heard a celebrity choose 10 music tracks that have featured in, have a special meaning or are favourites in the lives.

Here are my tracks of my years and the reasons for choosing

1. Tommy Steele - Little White Bull  from 1959
When an uncle bought himself a new record player he passed his old one onto us probably around 1960 and this is one of the first records that mum bought to play on it. I would have been 4 when this was a hit. It was taken from a comedy musical - Tommy The Toreador starring Tommy Steele,
We probably only had 1 or 2 records so this was played to destruction......and I know all the words!

2. Don Spencer - Fireball XL5 from 1962.
Maybe I had this record for a present. It was the theme tune from a Gerry and Sylvia Anderson TV puppet space adventure, before Thunderbirds, I can't remember the programme but kept the record for years.

3. The Beatles - She Loves You 1963
The first of several Beatles singles I owned, I stupidly gave them away in the 70's to someone starting a disco.

4. Matt Monroe - Born Free 1966
Don't know why I like this but I just do
( and also love him singing On Days Like These which was the theme for the Italian Job)

5. The Kinks- Waterloo Sunset from 1967
For some reason this reminds me of summer holidays at the Beach Station Caravan Site in Felixstowe. Mum owned a caravan there which was let out but we would go down quite a lot in the summer holidays. We roamed the site making friends with other children whose parents owned caravans there and with people who were just there for a weeks holiday. A girl whose name I can't remember ( but her Dad owned a butchers shop in Mendlesham) and I would sit by the check-in place on Saturdays to see if any nice looking boys were arriving...........We were about 12 or 13 years old!

6. The Monkees - I'm a believer 1967
I had Davy Jones pictures all over my bedroom and loved the TV programme

7. David Essex - Myfanwy 1987
This is a song from what was to have been a musical about John Betjeman . The musical never got made but I have a CD of  his poems that were set to music and performed by all different artists

8.The theme from Dances With Wolves by John Barry  1990
 Just a couple of minutes of this  and  I'm in floods of tears......... weird

9.Take That - Want you back 1995
Yes I was a 40 year old Take That fan!

10. Then I hit a problem as I couldn't decide which of several other tracks from lots of different artists so.......

10a  Josh Groban -So She Dances (from his album Awake)
10b  The Divine Comedy -Absent Friends
10c Chris Difford -  Cowboys are My Weakness
10d Amen Corner - (If Paradise Is) Half as Nice
10e Will Young - Leave right now
10f  Robbie Williams - Road to Mandalay
10g  Beautiful South - Need a little Time

 There may be more - given time - but I'll stop there.

OK - Your turn

Back soon



  1. More power to you for being able to narrow it down! If I started listing my tracks I'd still be here next year! I have enjoyed reading, and listening!

  2. My dad was a great music fan and he had a radiogramme (remember them?). Most nights he would sit in the dining-room and play his Frank Sinatra, Andrews Sisters etc songs. He had some 78s of Guy Mitchell, Doris Day (one of my favourites) and an assortment of others. He bought Elvis Presley's Jailhouse Rock which I thought was very 'with it' of him. When I think of that I never think of him as being fuddy duddy with his music.
    The first record I bought was Elvis Presly's 'It's Now Or Never'. I played that over and over again. Another record that takes me back is Brenda Lee's 'I'm Sorry'. I loved that record and still do and loved everything she did, I am a great Brenda Lee fan. She had/has such a powerful voice.
    I think I had better stop there, but I could go on.

    Joan (Wales)

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  3. Have you been 'youtube time travelling '? It's fairly easy to find yourself doing on a Friday night: a conversation leads you to look up a song and listen to it; the suggestions at the side let you remember another track... an hour later than you wanted to be in bed, you're crying (or crying laughing) at something from your past.

    I mainly travel to 1990s Manchester, via some interesting places and moments of madness!

  4. I remember going to see Tommy the Toreador in our local flea pit.

  5. What a fun thing to do! As the last one I'd choose Beautiful South Need a Little Time just because I love them!

  6. Music defines a time in our lives, often you hear an old track and back we go to the moment. A track can bring back some lovely times.

  7. Although I am a touch younger than you I do remember Fireball XL5 on TV (perhaps because I had older brothers who watched it). The lead character was Steve Zodiac and I was amazed when my friend said his dad had a (Ford) Zodiac car.

  8. Cripes I'll have to work on this but it would be fun to do. I listen to Radio 2 all day and love hearing the stories some of the guests tell along with their choice of records.

  9. Lack of sleep and grief preclude me from joining in, but you now have me singing Tracks of my Tears in my head, strangely combined with a chorus of Little White Bull! Thank you - I needed cheering up.

  10. I would hate to come up with a list of 10, but I can tell you that Born Free, by Matt Munro, would definitely be on my list, too. I remember a specific day in the summer of 1967 when I was driving my VW bug and it came on the radio. My #1 would be tied--You Were on My Mind by the We Five, and Up Up and Away by the Fifth Dimension. From my choices, you can probably tell that I live across the pond. I also recently bought the Born Free soundtrack on CD. Still love it just as much! (Maybe I will go play it now).

  11. OMG, you have brought back some memories of a wonderful time. I loved the Monkees and used to them on tv. Thank for sharing this! PAT

  12. great post. Tastes in music can reveal a lot about a person.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Stay warm and cosy, it's cold out there. Thursday afternoon was fun wasn't it?! xx

  13. Little white bull was one of the first songs I loved and I too was a Monkees fan.

  14. Tommy that name brings memories crowding back! Loved his Half a Sixpence especially 😊. I once admitted to my older daughter that I had loved The Thunderbirds series. She bought me all the episodes which have been put on DVD and also bought a ringtone of the theme song for my new phone. It may be a little much, but I'd never tell her that! Lol