Friday, 18 November 2016

Tracks of my years

I've never ever seen this done on a blog before so this may be a First. Ever. in. Blogland!

If you have ever listened to The Ken Bruce programme on Radio 2 weekday mornings you will have heard a celebrity choose 10 music tracks that have featured in, have a special meaning or are favourites in the lives.

Here are my tracks of my years and the reasons for choosing

1. Tommy Steele - Little White Bull  from 1959
When an uncle bought himself a new record player he passed his old one onto us probably around 1960 and this is one of the first records that mum bought to play on it. I would have been 4 when this was a hit. It was taken from a comedy musical - Tommy The Toreador starring Tommy Steele,
We probably only had 1 or 2 records so this was played to destruction......and I know all the words!

2. Don Spencer - Fireball XL5 from 1962.
Maybe I had this record for a present. It was the theme tune from a Gerry and Sylvia Anderson TV puppet space adventure, before Thunderbirds, I can't remember the programme but kept the record for years.

3. The Beatles - She Loves You 1963
The first of several Beatles singles I owned, I stupidly gave them away in the 70's to someone starting a disco.

4. Matt Monroe - Born Free 1966
Don't know why I like this but I just do
( and also love him singing On Days Like These which was the theme for the Italian Job)

5. The Kinks- Waterloo Sunset from 1967
For some reason this reminds me of summer holidays at the Beach Station Caravan Site in Felixstowe. Mum owned a caravan there which was let out but we would go down quite a lot in the summer holidays. We roamed the site making friends with other children whose parents owned caravans there and with people who were just there for a weeks holiday. A girl whose name I can't remember ( but her Dad owned a butchers shop in Mendlesham) and I would sit by the check-in place on Saturdays to see if any nice looking boys were arriving...........We were about 12 or 13 years old!

6. The Monkees - I'm a believer 1967
I had Davy Jones pictures all over my bedroom and loved the TV programme

7. David Essex - Myfanwy 1987
This is a song from what was to have been a musical about John Betjeman . The musical never got made but I have a CD of  his poems that were set to music and performed by all different artists

8.The theme from Dances With Wolves by John Barry  1990
 Just a couple of minutes of this  and  I'm in floods of tears......... weird

9.Take That - Want you back 1995
Yes I was a 40 year old Take That fan!

10. Then I hit a problem as I couldn't decide which of several other tracks from lots of different artists so.......

10a  Josh Groban -So She Dances (from his album Awake)
10b  The Divine Comedy -Absent Friends
10c Chris Difford -  Cowboys are My Weakness
10d Amen Corner - (If Paradise Is) Half as Nice
10e Will Young - Leave right now
10f  Robbie Williams - Road to Mandalay
10g  Beautiful South - Need a little Time

 There may be more - given time - but I'll stop there.

OK - Your turn

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